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EBM: Tufts Hirsh Library’s EBM + MeSH Page

Librarians at Tufts University Hirsh Health Sciences Library have posted a highly-usable page entitled “Useful MeSH for Evidence Based Medicine” for searchers using Medline/PubMed.

There are 80+ clinical “Subheadings” which can be combined for use with MeSH terms… such as etiology, pathology, adverse effects, trends, surgery, mortality, etiology and so on. A searcher can also choose to “explode” groups of subheadings in order to garner specific search results on a disease or treatment.

On the Tufts page, formatted search links are shown which allow one to (for example) explode Mass Screeninghttp://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez?db=MeSH&term=Mass%20Screening

Please add these types of professional search tools to your next search on PubMed! And thanks, Tufts librarians!


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