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Other Stuff: Librarians who have a Sense of Humor

In one of my first jobs as an academic librarian, a student who I had been helping for over an hour thanked me, and as he was leaving, looked over in puzzlement and asked: “Do you mean that this is, like, a real job for you?” (Answer? Yes, every reference librarian has earned a Masters degree in Library & Information Science; a few of us also have a second masters degree.)

Librarians, although providing essential services, seem to get little respect as a professional group… maybe because people think we have no sense of humor. Yes, indeed. You’d believe that after viewing these two videos on Medical Librarians’ Public Service Announcement #1 and #2. They could have spiced it up a bit, but it is an accurate portrayal. In July 2007, the New York Times ran a front-page article entitled, “A Hipper Crowd of Shushers“. Ninja Librarians show their dark side in this video.

Two great blog postings: “Why you should fall on your knees and worship a librarian” and “Excuse Me While I Put my Hair in a Bun“.

And finally, that brings us to classic Monty Python clips. Here’s an applicant with animal magnetism: Gorilla Librarian. Thanks to Scienceroll blogger, Bertalan Mesko, for posting links to these Monty Python Medical videos (funny, cruel, in very poor taste… mais oui!) on how not to practice medicine, at: http://scienceroll.com/2007/03/07/medical-monty-python-video

2 responses to “Other Stuff: Librarians who have a Sense of Humor

  1. blakspring August 28, 2007 at 3:39 AM

    Thanks for the shout out regarding my post about the silly misconceptions that people have about our profession. (Us librarians gotta stick together.)
    And I love the Ninja Librarian clip you linked to. Now if I can just find out how to hire this person.

  2. Anonymous August 29, 2007 at 10:09 AM

    The blogger Annoyed Librarian has a good posting about Librarians and Humor at: http://annoyedlibrarian.blogspot.com/2007/08/cult-of-twopointopia.html

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