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Street Anatomy: Medicine, Virtual Bodies and Art

As the first-year medical students begin Dissection in a few weeks, these anatomy-oriented sites may be of interest.

On my Bloglines feed is a site entitled Street Anatomy: Medical+Art+DesignWhat a beautiful site! The blogger who runs it is working on a Masters degree in Biomedical Visualization. She posted recently about a blog entitled Posemaniacs, where one can view hundreds of images of human anatomical models in virtual 3-D using your mouse to rotate the bodies through different elevations and poses. The site is free and open to all.

Another post on Street Anatomy pointed me to “Virtopsy: Working on the Future of Forensic Medicine & Science” from University of Bern, Switzerland. On the Movies section of this site, an 8-minute video segment illustrate ways in which “three-dimensional (3D) surface scanning for the documentation of body surfaces, and both multislice computed tomography (MSCT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to visualise the internal body” can be applied for methods of forensic pathology and virtual autopsy. An interesting project! Here’s a 2007 citation about Virtopsy in PubMed.


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