EBM and Clinical Support Librarians@UCHC

A blog for medical students, faculty and librarians about their use of evidence based medicine, clinical literature, Web 2.0, sources and search strategies

Blogs I Like: LibraryZen, a blog-directory/wiki/search engine


Sweet – EBM and Clinical Support Librarians@UCHC blog is now listed on LibraryZen, a directory of sites, search engine and wiki about library 2.0 and social networking info!

Click on any image below to be directed to links on the LISZEN site.


Library Zen Blog



Library Zen launched on September 17, 2006 serving as a place to share ideas about the library profession. Some popular posts include: Library 2.0 Thoughts, The Purple Library Series, and the Internet Station Management Guide.

LISZEN (a search engine for library blogs) launched on October 27, 2006 with 530 sites included-  by the beginning of 2007 that number increased to almost 700.   A browser plug-in is avalible for IE7 and Firefox 2.0. Or read more about LISZEN on the the Library Zen Blog.

Trends allows others to submit and vote on posts within the library blogsphere. It became an open beta on December 5, 2006.  It is still a work in progress and is expected to be released from beta mid-2007.  Learn more at the Library Zen Blog.

Coming Soon. LISZEN: Social

Library Zen/ LISZEN Wiki

What's Next?

Social hasn't yet arrived, but it is the largest project yet. Imagine being able to blog in an area exclusively for librarians and MLIS students.  Nice, egg? Work on the project began on February 1, 2007.  You can recieve more tidbits at the Library Zen Blog.

Library Zen/ LISZEN Wiki provides information on site updates, information on future builds, scheduled maintenance, and a list of websites included in LISZEN search engine.  Feel free to add any ideas or requests to improve Library Zen.


LISZEN Contact Page


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