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Other Stuff: Wired’s Geekipedia and the Urban Dictionary

Librarians like dictionaries!


Feel left out of the loop because you’ve heard the term “cognitive liberty” but you’re not really sure what it means? No problem! Look it up on Geekipedia, the online wiki which claims to “catalog the wired world from A-to-Z”, brought to you by Wired.com. You can add your own entries. It is highly useful when you need to look up various Web 2.0 terms… here’s a few examples: EFF, fake Steve Jobs and neurologism. Here’s one concept which every new blogger learns about quickly: Peer production.

In a similar vein, The Urban Dictionary, describes itself as “a slang dictionary with your definitions”. It is a much larger source than Geekipedia, and it’s not exactly Websters New Collegiate Dictionary. Urban Dictionary (i.e., be aware there are entries with profanity within!) defines the term for when the new blogger suddenly blanks on remembering one of the 34 logins/passwords they need to run their blog:

“IDENTITY CRASH…. the sudden and catastrophic collapse of an individual’s ability to keep all the threads of his or her online identity straight when the individual joins one too many social networks”.



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