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News: Free content from Elsevier: DoctorPortal and OncologyStat

One of the worlds’ largest publishers of science-tech-medical information, Elsevier, announced on Oct 4 2007 the introduction of their new free website for physicians in the UK, DoctorPortal. Here is an introductory paragraph about this source:

DoctorPortal is a free-to-access website that simultaneously offers all levels of healthcare professionals a search site, a community forum and enhanced online versions of the respected Doctor and Hospital Doctor magazines”.

Physicians can register at no cost and then may choose to subscribe to either the DoctorPortal or HospitalDoctorPortal. Each site differs in content and presentation. Topics on these pages focuses principally on clinical practice and areas of interest to UK physicians.


DoctorPortal is similar in scope and purpose to OncologyStat which Elsevier rolled-out in September 2007, focusing on cancer physicians practicing in the United States (see Information Today: Newsbreaks item dated Sept 24 2007 about Elsevier). Here is an excerpt from the Elsevier OncologyStat website:

“OncologySTAT integrates a multitude of authoritative professional cancer information sources, such as peer-reviewed research, news and regulatory updates, a professional drug monograph and interactions database, chemotherapy regimens, and conference coverage into one easy-to-use online destination. Information and educational materials are delivered across multiple media formats: text, audio, video, interactive, user-generated forums, etc. Community oncologists and cancer-care practitioners in private practice or a non-institutional setting will find OncologySTAT especially useful in gaining immediate integrated access to the latest evidence-based research, news, treatment, and decision support information”.

Regsitration is required to gain full access to all areas of the website (but registration is free). Here is a link to the OncologyStat sitemap and a screenshot:


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