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EBM: EBMSearch.org

EBMSearch.org/pubmed is a site in beta-test, meant for use by clinical professionals and expert searchers. There is not a great deal of information that I could find out about who sponsors the site. Here is an excerpt from the EBMSearch “About” page:

“What is Evidence Based Medicine? It is the discipline of identifying and using the highest quality information in existence, which is needed to address specific medical problems of patients”.

“What is EBMSearch? EBMSearch is a specialized search engine for retrieving and managing high quality medical information from MEDLINE”.

“What level or grade of evidence is EBMSearch designed to identify in the treatment category? For treatment, EBMSearch returns Level 1 evidence with a Grade Recommendation of A as defined by the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine. Level 1 evidence constitutes systematic reviews and individual randomized controlled trials. “A” Grade Recommendation is evidence consistent with Level 1 studies”.

“Who can benefit from EBMSearch? Healthcare professionals can better introduce the best scientific knowledge in patient care. They can reduce their search times and increase the quality and comprehensiveness of the results when searching for methodologically valid articles that are needed to give them the best information on which to base critical decisions about patient care. These treatment additions may also allow for improved billing and reimbursement”.

EBMSearch.org requires that you first search MEDLINE (PubMed) to locate the appropriate Medical Subject Heading, then cut and paste that clinical term into the EBMSearch search box.


Please give this new free beta-search site a try. This librarian likes it quite a lot.

2 responses to “EBM: EBMSearch.org

  1. Connie October 22, 2007 at 8:00 PM

    Looks like this is from Vanderbilt. At least that is where feedback is sent to. I tried it with a search I am working on ; it did a nice job.

  2. creaky15 October 29, 2007 at 5:19 PM

    Thanks for the response, Connie

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