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Educational Sites, Web 2.0: A wiki named Ganfyd

Ganfyd (which stands for Get a Note from Your Doctor) is a medical wiki developed by physicians from the United Kingdom for knowledge-sharing among clinicians, medical students and anyone else. Only licensed health professionals may contribute or edit material found on this wiki. The site was begun in November 2005 and (according to Wikipedia.org) as of July 2007, there are 3,000+ topic pages. Currently 400 editors from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Eire, Canada and the United States are listed as contributors.

Following is an excerpt from the Ganfyd.org “About” page:

Ganfyd.org – The free medical knowledge base that anyone can read and any registered medical practitioner may edit. Ganfyd is a collaborative medical reference by medical professionals and invited non-medical experts. The site is based around the wiki format, enabling true sharing of knowledge. Please join and help us to create a great source of information and experience”.

“Simply put this is an evolving textbook of medicine. The medium – computers and the Web rather than dead paper – removes some limitations on conventional text, or reference, books and we are taking advantage of that”.

Here are a few screenshots – the first one is the Ganfyd Main Page index:


This one is an entry on “Meningococcal Disease



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