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Medical News: Amazing Images from a Confocal Microscope


Photo Credit: Jean Livet – Shown on Wired.com: Discoveries, date 10-31-07

Fluorescent neurons firing in a mouse brain are illustrated in these amazing, beautiful images taken from work done by scientists at Harvard and MIT utilizing a confocal microscope. Dr. Jeffrey Lichtman, professor of molecular and cell biology at Harvard, calls the images “brainbows“. The photograph above was entitled “A Mouse Listening” as the image is of neurons firing in the auditory portion of the brain stem.

Read the Oct 31 2007 article on Wired.com: Discoveries written by Alexis Madrigal and view more confocal microscope images at this link: http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/multimedia/2007/10/gallery_fluorescentneurons


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