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Humor, Blogs I Like: theunderweardrawer

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Photo Credit: Michelle Au – Copyright 2000-2007

Michelle Au named hers theunderwear drawer. Wildly funny, sarcastic (and sometimes profane), she is also the author of the ScutMonkey cartoons which poke fun at medical students, attendings, residents, nurses and anyone else who is handy.

Dr. Au is now a resident in anesthesiology. Her site provides links to a lengthy archive of older postings which catalog her experiences from med school through clerkship and residency. During these years, she married and is the mom of Cal. Hers is a superbly written, illustrated (and heart-felt) blog.

Following is an excerpt from theunderweardrawer archive (June 2002) discussing “Anatomy of a White Coat” and the divisions between what medical student (in their short coats) jam into pockets versus what the senior attending physicians carry with them (read: a Montblanc pen, an attitude and not much else).

Dr. Au encourages anyone with funny real-life medical education stories to submit them for consideration to be turned into a Scutmonkey cartoon (for more about that, click here).



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