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News, Medical News: Clinicians and students volunteer to bring medical treatment to those in need

New York Times reporter Sara Corbett wrote a brief article for the New York Times Magazine (Sunday, Nov 18 2007) entitled “Patients Without Borders“. Remote Area Medical (RAM) volunteer physicians, dentists, nurses and allied medical personnel started work early on a weekend in July 2007 to provide essential health care services – from teeth cleaning to minor surgery – for 2,500 residents of rural Virginia. Several hundred waiting in line on Sunday evening had to be turned away, the director of the program, Dr. Stan Brock, said.

Click here for a slideshare of photographs taken in Wing County, Virginia on that day.

In similar community outreach programs, medical students from UConn School of Medicine provide no-cost treatment, health-screening and referral services for those who are homeless in Hartford, CT at the entirely student-run South Park Inn Medical Clinic. UConn faculty-physician Bruce Gould is the medical director there. (If you’re interested, here is a brochure in PDF about this program.)

Pediatrician Dr. Mark Greenstein and UConn student-volunteers offer free health screening and minor treatment for homeless children at the Salvation Army’s South Marshall Street Clinic in the south end of Hartford.

Finally, Dr. Gould, other volunteer health professionals and medical and dental students at both UConn or Yale School of Medicine staff a summer-only Migrant Farm Workers Mobile Clinic, described on the UCHC website as:

“Started in the summer of 1998, the migrant farm workers mobile clinic was established to provide medical care for transient agriculture laborers. The clinic runs from mid-June to late October on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 6:30 p.m. and sundown. The clinic is staffed by local physicians, students from UConn’s and Yale’s medical schools, UConn’s dental school, residents, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. Farm workers are screened for conditions such as diabetes, upper respiratory infections, hypertension, musculoskeletal injuries, dermatitis, AIDS and dental screenings. Oral hygiene instruction is also offered”.


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