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Medical News: Lit Inspector

Becoming a blogger requires subscriptions to a variety of alerting services. Eurekalert is a handy free service which shoots me a daily recap of news or press releases on medicine and health care from worldwide sources. That is how I learned about the release of LitInspector today, a software program for text-mining designed for use by geneticists and clinical researchers. The companys’ press release – dated Nov 28 2007 – is here.

The German bioinformatics company responsible for this product Genomatix Software GmbH of Munich – describes LitInspector as:

“… a powerful literature and pathway mining system based on all published abstracts and related meta-information (like Medical Subject Heading list or MeSH) from the entire PubMed [database] of the National Library of Medicine. With more than 260,000 gene synonyms, LitInspector uses one of the largest gene synonym tables available, thus securing a substantial amount of relevant information for scientists not knowing all synonyms of their gene of interest. Additional free text input and boolean operators allow for focussed literature searches”.

“MeSH term and keyword classifiers like “disease”, “tissue”, or “pathway” lead to comprehensive results within seconds. More than 1.6 million gene-gene relations are pre-analyzed. Pathway associations and links to KEGG, STKE and BioCarta are provided”.

“At each step, LitInspector optionally branches out into Genomatix´ integrated suite of systems biology databases and analysis technology, such as the ElDorado genomic annotation database”.

Anyone associated with an academic institution can register with Genomatix to obtain a free trial evaluation account by going to www.genomatix.de. The company opened a branch in Ann Arbor, Michigan this summer… read a news item on that company here: Genomatix Software Inc. (on the Mlive.com website).

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