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Educational Sites: National Electric Library for Medicines and UK Medicines Information

Pip Divall, hospital librarian at the University Hospitals of Leicester (UK), runs a great blog entitled Clinical Librarian, which is where I learned about the National Health Services’ free drug information page, NeLM: National Electronic Library for Medicines. This page was previously titled “DrugInfoZone” and renamed in May 2007.

While the drug information found on NeLM website is principally targeted at health care professionals practicing in the United Kingdom, the page may also prove useful for clinicians elsewhere in the world. Following is an excerpt from the NeLM “About” page:

NeLM is a Medicines Information knowledge base designed for healthcare professionals in the UK National Health Service (NHS). It promotes safe, effective and efficient use of medicines within the NHS. The content is independent, unbiased and evidence based. This free service has been in operation since 1998 and is updated daily. The site has a wide range of information products, including news, current awareness, drug reviews and provides a facility for sharing practice“.

Here is a screenshot:


See also a different clinical drug database from National Health Service, UKMI (UK Medicines Information) and for which the caveats as above apply: information is specific to the NHS drug formulary – not necessarily applicable to all clinicians in the world.


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