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Medical News: Advances in Cancer Treatment – Summary 2007

The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) is the sponsor of an excellent consumer-health website dedicated to the concerns of cancer patients and their families: People Living with Cancer (PLWC), which is where I recently learned of a newly-published summary report entitled Clinical Cancer Advances 2007: Major Research Advances in Cancer Treatment, Prevention, and Screening, released on Dec 18 2007 by the Society.

Clinical Cancer Advances is an annual report that the American Society of Clinical Oncology began publishing in 2005. ASCO officials independently review the year’s cancer treatment breakthroughs or emerging therapies, and summarize those which they consider to be of high clinical significance.

In 2007, reviewers selected six cancer treatment advances as “highly-significant” and another 18 treatments were deemed “notable”. The 115-page report is available online at no cost from the PLWC website, by clicking here.


Highlights of this report are available in a podcast intended primarily for patients by clicking here.

You may read or download these reports from 2005 or 2006 from the ASCO website at this link.


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