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Educational Sites, EBM: Topic Pages from SCIRUS

Scirus is a unique award-winning specialty search engine sponsored by Elsevier. The Scirus slogan is “for scientific information only”. Scirus indexes sources from journals, scholarly societies, institutional repositories, non-profit organizations, PubMed, BioMedCentral, PubMedCentral and other open access sources. You can limit your searching on Scirus to general web retrievals, and the search engine will exclude retrievals without scientific information.

The breadth of literature covered by this search platform, and the quality of information retrieved, has improved greatly over time. Scirus is really a unique source worth adding to one’s arsenal of expert search tools. For more information about what Scirus indexes, click on this link.

Link here to a 2004 Scirus White Paper on “How Scirus Works“.

Since January 2007, scientists and authors associated with Scirus have been producing these Topic Pages, described on their main webpage as:

Scirus Topic Pages is a free, wiki-like service for the scientific community, where scientific experts summarize specific scientific topics, and where links to the latest, most relevant journal literature and web sources are presented on one page“.

“Wiki-like”… ? Anyway, this week I received a email notice that there are now ten Scirus Topic Pages available. Below are screenshots of the main Scirus Topic Page, and an example of what a topic page looks like – published in Dec 2007, this topic paper is about Evidence-Based Laboratory Medicine:



Note: Scirus is available to anyone in the world to use, but to access Elsevier journal articles, UCHC users will need to connect via their proxy service if off-site.


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