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Libraries, News: The Next Generation of OVID

Today, there is a division in this building when you ask someone, “Do you use PubMed or OVID to search MEDLINE?” This phenomena is similar to asking someone whom you’ve just met (in Connecticut anyway): “Are you a Yankees or a Red Sox fan ?”… or, “Do you use a Mac or a PC?”

Next question: Do you use OVID? If you do, then this OVID search screen might look familiar to you:

OVID Technologies – Copyright 1996-2001 – All rights reserved

Our current OVID Web Gateway, as it looks today:

OVID Technologies – Copyright 2001-2008 – All rights reserved

A major migration to a new search platform and interface, titled OVID SP, is taking place. The OVID Web Gateway will be officially withdrawn on Feb 4 2008.

OVID SP is next-gen OVID. Following is an example: a screenshot of Journals@OVID page.


OVID Technologies – Copyright 2008 – All rights reserved

Many health science librarians throughout the world have been working diligently over the past six months to produce search-pages and tutorials for navigating the new OVID SP.

Feel free to to use any of the free links below for training purposes. And… circle your calendar for the official OVID SP roll-out date of February 4, 2008!

Links to training materials on how best to use OVID SP:

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