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Library 2.0, Academic Libraries, Scholarly Communications: Ten Talking Points – from ACRL

Staff at American Library Association (ALA) and members of the ALA section, Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL), conduct an ongoing environmental scan to identify trends and emerging issues that may affect the future of higher education, academic libraries, scholarly publishing and the associations. In January 2008, the ACRL Research Committee published their latest Environmental Scan – 2007 edition here, a 29-page PDF document, which outlines mid- and long-range concerns of vital interest to librarians, administrators and library users in academic settings.

An earlier article provides a bit of background on the development of this research: “Top ten assumptions for the future of academic libraries and librarians: A report from the ACRL research committee“, published in C&RL News (April 2007) – Vol. 68, No. 4. Authors are librarians James Mullins, Frank Allen and Jon Hufford.

Copyright: ACRL/ © 2007 James L. Mullins, Frank R. Allen, and Jon R. Hufford

Both documents are well worth reading. For a list of other White Papers from ACRL, click on this link.

ACRL also runs a blog: visit the ACRL Insider.


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