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EBM, Education: A Redesigned Database and the 150th blog post!

This is blog post number 150 for EBM and Clinical Support Librarians@UCHC. Please keep those comments coming, folks – and thanks for reading! 🙂

Medical students rotate through varied clinical sites throughout Connecticut during their third and fourth years of training… and their PDAs travel right along with them, serving as a portable wireless device, clinical calculator, drug encyclopedia and online collection of decision support tools to aid in practicing evidence based medicine.

This post is about one of those specialized EBM tools. Previously known as InfoRetriever, in late 2007, content and rights of this database were sold to publishing giant Wiley-Blackwell and renamed in January 2008 to become “Essential Evidence Plus” (EEP). It is now accessible to subscribers via the Wiley platform.

Below I have listed an outline of the specialized tools that Essential Evidence Plus offers:

  • diagnostic tests and physical/history calculators or algorithms
  • abstracts from the Cochrane Library
  • 3,000 InfoPOEMS (Patient Oriented Evidence that Matters)
  • current practice guidelines
  • weekly podcasts on 40+ clinical topics
  • medical photographs
  • ICD-9 diagnostic codes, E/M coding wizard (Medicare)
  • selected CME
  • sign-up for a daily EBM alert
  • Derm-Expert, a diagnosis tool
  • Levels of Evidence heirarchy
  • link-outs (in context) to PubMed
  • PDA version for subscribers
  • in conjunction with Finnish Medical Society, two new datasources have been added: 800 concise clinical summaries in e-Essential Evidence and Evidence-Based Medicine Guidelines.

I value having easy access to individual clinical calculators on my PDA, such as the Likelihood Ratios which require one to input actual patient data or labs in order to assess the patient, verify abnormal laboratory values, clinical decision aids (rule-in/rule-out), alerts for potential adverse events, etc. Following is a screenshot which shows a diagnostic calculator to assess whether a particular patient is likely to have Colon CA or other adenoma:


Photo credit: Copyright 2008 – Wiley-Blackwell Inc. – All rights reserved

2 responses to “EBM, Education: A Redesigned Database and the 150th blog post!

  1. David March 5, 2008 at 4:38 AM

    Congratulations on 150 posts- looking forward to hundreds more!

  2. Creaky March 5, 2008 at 3:30 PM

    Thanks, David!

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