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News: Match Day – March 20 2008

Match Day 2008 is Thursday, Mar 20 2008!

At 1:00pm (ET), fourth-year medical students will find out – simultaneously – where in the U.S. they will be spending the next year of their life as residents. This is a nervous phase of medical education, as these near-doctors wait to learn if they must make plans to move across the country (or across the street).

See this National Residency Matching Program (NRMP) site for more information. There is a 72 page report on 2008 Specialties and Fellowship results available to download here.

Match Day is a day to look forward to for faculty and staff at UConn Health Center, as we stand by and witness our graduating seniors as they stand at the crux of a new life. This is their day of celebration, exhilaration, profound relief… and possibly for those few who didn’t get their first choices, some tears.

Considering the waiting game… on Mar 18 2008, the New York Times ran an article about two fourth-year medical students from Harvard who are each trying to match into a dermatology residency – one of the most competitive residencies to obtain. Link to this article here.


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