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News: Bookmark It! The 2008 Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care

The Tracking the Care of Patients with Severe Chronic Illness: The Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care 2008 has just been made available from the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. Here is an excerpt from the “About” page:

This edition of the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care describes how care for Medicare beneficiaries with serious chronic illness varies across U.S. states, regions and hospitals. The focus is on Medicare beneficiaries who have severe chronic illnesses and are in their last two years of life. The 2008 edition both updates earlier analyses to encompass more recent data and expands the scope to include all sectors of care covered by the Medicare program: acute inpatient hospital care, outpatient services, skilled nursing and long-term hospital care, home health care and hospice…

The Dartmouth Atlas Project studied the records of millions of Medicare enrollees who died from 2001 to 2005 and had at least one of nine severe chronic illnesses. “

Click here for a press release (opens in PDF) which details the methodology and summaries about the current 184-page report.

This is an important source for health care statistics, and it is free to anyone, at: http://www.dartmouthatlas.org/atlases/atlas_series.shtm

I have attached a screenshot of one section of the Atlas: Data Tools

Data Tools - Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care 2008

Photo credit: Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice-copyright 2008-all rights reserved

This morning I did a search on “Medical Care Cost Equation” for 5 hospitals in the state of Connecticut. The results surprised me.

The Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care is also available in a print version.

Please bookmark this source!


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