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Education, News: Scutwork and StudentDoctor.net

Photo Credit http://www.scutwork.com – Copyright 2008 – All rights reserved


Scutwork is a site for new residents – or soon-to-be residents – to check out!

For a different point of view, go to StudentDoctor.net which aims to cover all interests in health science education from pre-med through graduate school and residency. The StudentDoctor.net site collects anonymous remarks from students who have interviewed at U.S. or Canadian schools of medicine and makes them available on the Medical School Interview Feedback page (screenshot below):

Photo Credit: StudentDoctor Network.net – Copyright 2008 – All rights reserved

Other specialties such as dental medicine, osteopathic medicine, podiatry etc. are also covered. Also check out the SDN Interview Advice Column written by a MD/MBA.

Please note: Caveat emptor! Be certain to check the date of any posting about individual institutions before considering to take that writers’ advice, please. These are anonymous, subjective comments so they may or may not reflect verifiable or accurate information.

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