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Medicine 2.0, News, Web 2.0: Should I Shop or Network? Professional Portals for Medical Folks

Sermo and BioMedExperts were two social networking sites featured earlier in the year on this blog. This week I researched alternative sites for clinicians or students, and turned up quite a treasure trove of Portals/Networks for Medicine sites. In fact there are so many of these sites available currently that the question is: Which one do I choose to join and really spend some time with?

All sites shown below require an individual registration and log-in to gain full access to the contents of the site. All are free of charge. Following are a few to consider adding to your network:

  • The classic portal Student-Doctor Network.com says this about its’ purpose:Ten years ago Student-Doctor Network was just a catchy name. It has since evolved into a trusted resource for over 130,000 pre-health and health students in over 10 doctoral fields of study. Our staff are volunteers at all stages of their professional education, who have worked tirelessly to diversify SDN’s offerings as part of our continuing effort to bring you what you need to succeed . SDN offers advice, discussion boards and links for students of Audiology, Dentistry, Medicine (allopathic and osteopathic), Optometry, Pharmacy, Podiatry, Psychology, Veterinary Medicine, Pre-Med, Physical Therapy. A good place to visit for an overview of the site content is the Student-Doctor Forums List.
  • Prospective students in eight different doctoral areas (MD through DVM) may want to bookmark SDN‘s Student Interview Feedback page in order to read anonymous reviews, comments and feedback by students who have already interviewed at specific U.S. educational institutions, shown by the date of the visit. Criteria shown include Ratings, Culture and Location.
  • Physicians are the primary targeted audience for DoctorWorld.net. Following is an excerpt from their front page: “DoctorWorld.NET is a user powered medical news portal. On this social content voting site, all news is submitted by users. Any member can submit medical related content to DoctorWorld.NET, and this will enable the content to be viewed by all. The content will be promoted or buried depending on how much it is liked by the DWN community. The more votes a submission gets, the more popular it wil be. With enough votes, that piece of news will be showcased on the Front page of DoctorWorld.net”. Sort of like a StumbleUpon for clinicians.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Doctorworld.net – Copyright 2008 – All rights reserved
  • A social networking site for physicians, residents and medical students, SocialMD.com says that it currently has 3,100 members. Their FlashCards link to standardized “snippets of information that will be useful for quick reviews of a clinical subject; this could be a mnemonic, a clinical symptom, a MCQ or pretty much anything that can fit into around 2000 characters“.

Photo credit: Courtesy of SocialMD.com – Copyright 2008 – All rights reserved
  • TiroMed describes itself as “a social networking community for all levels of those in medicine… students, residents, physicians, etc.” This site offers a distinctly international flavor, with about 2,100 members from all over the globe. One of newer features on TiroMed is their AskAMentor, which connects volunteer physicians with medical students interested in specific specialties. TiroMed also has an online store where you can browse specific lists of medical books, shop for equipment or apparel… so if you want to shop for reflex hammers at 2:00am in your pajamas, go there! 😉

Photo credit: Courtesy of Tiromed.com – Copyright 2008 – All rights reserved..
  • l-MedExchange is a commercially-oriented site which describes itself as a “private online community for physicians, designed to foster professional and personal connections, increase productivity within the practice, and deliver career and lifestyle opportunities“. There are links to forums for Clinical, Business or Personal. Use it to look for a new job, connect with other specialists or read their blog.

Photo credit: Courtesy of iMedExchange.com – Copyright 2008 – All rights reserved
  • NewMediaMedicine.com (NMM) was created by two physicians in New Zealand with much help from an international community of 40,000+ physicians, residents and medical students. The NMM Online Forum (screenshot below) offers a lively discussion board. Forty bloggers who are members of the NMM community show links to their individual blog postings. A video link show taped lectures on Anatomy via YouTube.

Photo credit: Courtesy of NewMediaMedicine.com – Copyright 2008 – All rights reserved

Finally… reporter Sam Solomon wrote an article for the online National Review of Medicine (Feb 2008 ) entitled “Doctors-Only Networking Sites Take Off” (free full-text link). This article references two other physician-only networking sites, Relaxdoc.com and Doctors Hangout – both of which require specific information about licensing or credential numbers before permitting a user to register.


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