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Education, News, Web 2.0: University of California-Berkeley…. Online all over the place

Many major American academic institutions are mid-stream in fully embracing Web 2.0 technologies for their students, faculty and staff but the University of California-Berkeley could be leading the pack in this digital migration. At librarian conferences, fully one-half of the featured speakers discuss how the current generation of academic librarians must adapt library and online services to meet the needs of the “always online, 20-something” Millenium generation (also known as Generation Y). The following links are good evidence that a specific technological embrace has been implemented by this campus: first, check out the UC-Berkeley YouTube site.

Sergie Brin, co-founder of Google, lectured for a course in 2005 at Cal titled SIMS 141: Search Engines. This video – and 15 others – can be viewed at this link on YouTube:


Video credit: YouTube.com – Content copyright 2005 by University of California -all rights reserved


Three other sites worth a look: UC-Berkeley NewsCenter, UC-Berkeley i-Tunes site – get podcasts of lectures here – and UC-Berkeley Events-Calendar, a beautifully rendered site.

Good job!

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