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News, Web Geekery: Measure Your Techno-Geekness. Take the Pew Internet Typology Quiz

Photo Credits: Pew Internet & American Life Project – copyright 2008 – all rights reserved

Ranked right up there with being the only one with curly hair as well as the only left-handed person in the Creaky family tree… now I’m identified by the Pew Internet + American Life Project quiz as a Technology Omnivore, of which only 8% of the American population are so thus defined. The outcome of this is that I get to play the role of Mac sys-admin at home. <sigh>

You can take this quiz: The Internet Typology Test.

Lee Rainie, the founding project director at the Pew Internet + American Life Project, was a featured speaker at the 2008 Connecticut Library Association annual conference, held in April in Mystic, CT. I enjoyed listening to him describe ways in which Web 2.0 technologies and social networking tools have changed the way Americans live and interact daily. If he hadn’t found work as a internet expert/technologist/sociologist he could have been (or may still become) a stand-up comedian! Here is a list of Mr. Rainies’ reports written for the Pew Internet + American Life project (1999-2008).

The Pew Internet + American Life project offers an interesting variety of other Pew staff research experts, recent Pew Research reports and links to other Pew Research quizzes you can try out.

And remember that saying of the French, that a house is not a home until a cat lives there? It may turn out that a home needs at least one geek living there… because who else is going to take that new computer out of the box and get it working perfectly on the first try?


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