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News, Library 2.0, Technology: Will the library be seamless this weekend?

Oh-oh. After spending hours yesterday writing this post about how seamless the Academic Library is these days, let’s see if academic libraries’ links around the world will be seamless after the following event:

Image source: WileyInterscience.com – Copyright 2008 – All rights reserved


Librarians and researchers should be aware by now that the journal site for Blackwell Synergy, taken over by Wiley in 2007, is being dismantled… as of today, June 27 2008.

After the “digital migration” of the contents of 850 journals – or 1,000,000 articles – from the Blackwell-Synergy platform to the WileyInterscience journal platform takes place this weekend, on Monday Jun 30 2008, the integrated site contents should be up and running, according to Wiley.


Goodbye, Blackwell-Synergy. We knew you well:

Image source: WileyInterscience.com – Copyright 2008 – All rights reserved


3 responses to “News, Library 2.0, Technology: Will the library be seamless this weekend?

  1. McDawg June 28, 2008 at 10:49 AM


    Do I take it that the new platform will be closed access?


  2. creaky15 June 28, 2008 at 1:46 PM

    Hi, Graham. Yes, the Wiley InterScience site is for subscribers only so users have to be on-campus at UCHC to use that account (or log in through the proxy using a UCHC ID if off-site), or at any academic library which subscribes to Wiley InterScience products. The entire site will be off-line this weekend in order to perform the migration, but the company promises to have it up and running on Monday morning, June 30. Thanks for your comment!

  3. creaky15 July 2, 2008 at 3:46 PM

    Rewrite on Wed Jul 2 2008 – It appears that the migration of Blackwell-Synergy journals to the Wiley platform has not been seamless. Many links from individual subscription journals from Blackwell-Synergy were not transported to Wiley as the changeover was made last weekend.

    The broken connections (also called link-resolvers) include any search performed in PubMed. If a library user at UCHC is searching PubMed, and tries to link through to full text from a journal on Wiley, the dreaded “not subscribed to that journal” message comes up… even though UCHC Library does in fact subscribe to the journal. This is what the librarians refer to as a “turn-away”.

    You could also call it “missing content”. Wiley is aware of these and other migration issues, and is working to repair the missing connections.
    More on this later.

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