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The Friday Post #11: We Tell Stories, Truemors, Panoramio, Medical Student blog and video

Trying to describe the site from Penquin Books, We Tell Stories, is difficult. Digital Fiction? Illustrated by Google Maps?  The method could be one of multiple means of delivery for books read for pleasure, perhaps. Six stories, six authors, six weeks. Infographical, innovative, entertaining, recommended by this librarian.

Truemors is part truth, part news alerting service, part rumor, part gag joke. Like email, you’ll either love it or hate it. As an example, here’s one recent news item from their Health section.

This month, two friends of mine are running around London (shout out to J and K there!). Trying to locate where Swansea is on a world map led me to the part photo-sharing, part interactive map site, Panoramio, which showed me precisely where the beautiful Welsh towns of Mumbles and Black Pill are located. Nicely done. Click here to view Aberagon, a beach in Swansea.

Blog by a fourth year medical student: Rumors Were True. This guy’s writing is simply brilliant (not a word I use often). I encourage all incoming medical students to spend some time reading what he has lived through, case in point: Grapes and Wine (Jun 12 2008 ). His blog is also where I found the link to a video written for and by medical students entitled Five Pancakes A Day (urrk!) – to Topher, I thank you for the link!



And after you’ve watched that video, you might want to read a recent post from the Electronic Frontier Foundation blog (July 3 2008 ) about a lawsuit over privacy rights and viewing videos on YouTube.


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