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News, Instruction, Technology: Opera.com opens up a Web Standards Curriculum

Most of us don’t give a thought to how the internet actually functions. Walking over to a computer, utilizing a web browser such as Firefox or Opera to locate the information that you need – without knowing anything at all about how HTML code works – is quite a lot like getting into your car, turning on the ignition and driving away. You don’t really have to know how the engine works, you just use it. And with your computer, as long as the network and the electricity are flowing, all works well.

In the event that you would like to learn more about how these things work, the Norwegian software company, Opera.com, has recently put up a free online training course, entitled Web Standards Curriculum (WSC) about just that topic, announced in July 2008.


Image/Photo Credit: http://www.opera.com – All rights reserved – Copyright 2008

Chris Mills describes himself as an Opera “evangelist” and technical writer; he wrote the first article, and served as editor for the rest of the series. Currently there are 23 segments in the online course, and the company has plans to add classes to the series as they become available. Following is an excerpt from the first lesson of WSC:

“.. In this article I introduce to you the product of a lot of hard work over the last several months (by myself and a lot of other people)—the Web Standards Curriculum, a course designed to give anyone a solid grounding in web design/development, no matter who they are—it is completely free to use, accessible, and assumes no previous knowledge. I am mainly aiming this at universities, as I believe the standards of education in web standards to be somewhat lacking at many universities “.

Excerpt from Chris Mills, available at http://dev.opera.com/

This series by Opera looks to be a useful learning tool for anyone interested in the past development of Web-based programming and the architecture of information systems. I first learned of this course from reading a brief article about it in The Chronicle of Higher Education (Jul 8 2008 ).


One response to “News, Instruction, Technology: Opera.com opens up a Web Standards Curriculum

  1. Chris Mills July 16, 2008 at 2:00 AM

    Hi there – Chris Mills here! Thanks a lot for blogging about my web standards curriculum – I’m am looking to see what your readers think of it, and if they have any feedback to give me.

    Your post implies that only HTML is taught in the course – when complete, it will also feature a full treatment of CSS and web design “soft topics” such as internet history and information architecture, and a solid introduction to JavaScript.

    Many thanks.

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