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Scholarly Communications: Copyright and Digital Rights… explained in novel ways

Discussions about copyrighted works are a frequent topic of conversation among faculty, administrators and reference librarians. Decisions on determining whether certain works are protected under current U.S. copyright law can be interpreted in surprisingly novel ways. (Thank goodness there are two copyright experts here in this library for the rest of us to consult, for their factual expertise on that topic.)

This post details two unique educational sites for defining the terms or boundaries of copyright law.

Copyright Advisory Network is a section of American Library Association Office for Information Technology Policy. Their page provides an excellent set of links about Copyright Basics, and it is where I found this interactive picto-diagram roughly indicating the terms by which a written work or other forms of intellectual property should be protected. It is called the “Copyright Digital Slider” (screenshot):

Image source: http://librarycopyright.net/digitalsliderCopyright 2008 – All rights reserved


Next: Here is a screenshot of the tag cloud found on the The Center for Internet and Society (CIS), housed at Stanford Law School and a part of the Law, Science and Technology Program there:

Image source: Center for Internet & Society – http://cyberlaw.stanford.edu – Copyright 2008 -All rights reserved


This is a dynamic site, providing links to interesting legal news or projects initiated by Stanford faculty and law students. It is worth a visit if you’re interested in the evolution of digital rights management, cyberlaw and legal aspects of intellectual property.

Fair Use is explained in an innovative way, via a link found on the CIS site, by Bucknell University professor Eric Faden, who created a short film from clips of decades of Disney films. This film is popular site on YouTube where it’s been viewed 1,275,273 times and engendered 938 comments. Please watch

A Fair(y) Use Tale


Lastly: A Creative Commons.org badge can be found on many blogs and other digital works these days. Here’s a link to one example of their interpretation of Legal Code. The badge on this blog (shown at the bottom of the front page) links to a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


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