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Academic Libraries, Faculty, Research on Scholarly Communications & Libraries: 2008 Ithaka Report

Today I’m back to writing after some time off, and wow – I missed blogging  8)

There has been a great deal of hub-bub on the academic blogs about a recently released report by Ithaka.org.

Described by Blogger Steven B, as “essential reading for academic librarians” (found on ACRL (Association of College & Research Libraries), here is a link to the “Ithaka’s 2006 Studies of Key Stakeholders in the Digital Transformation in Higher Education” (released Aug 18, 2008 ).

The 34-page report was written by Ross Housewright and Roger Schonfeld, and is one of a series of research articles from Ithaka.org which examines ways in which faculty, over time, view the collections and services found in academic libraries and their perceptions of librarians as managers of the “[physical or digital] gateway, archive, and buyer roles”.  Following is a brief excerpt from the report:

For libraries in particular, a deep understanding of the information needs of a scholarly community and how existing services mesh with these needs is essential in order to effectively serve and remain relevant on the modern campus. To succeed in the internet age, libraries must be aware of which traditional roles are no longer needed and which potential roles would be valued, and strategically shift their service offerings to maximize their value to local users. We hope that this document, describing the findings of two large-scale surveys conducted in 2006, will help librarians and others interested in scholarship in the digital world think about these changing needs and prompt consideration of how to best serve faculty in a rapidly changing world.”

Text taken from page 5 of the Ithaka.org study, released Aug 18 2008.


Other publications by Ithaka.org researchers about academic scholarship, teaching and learning, and role of libraries or librarians’ in a digital age, can be accessed from this link.

In a previous post on this blog, Wordle.net was described.  Today I created this tag cloud from words listed in several of the tables found in this report: 

Image Credit: Wordle.net – All rights reserved – Copyright 2008

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