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The Friday Post #17: Our Political Silly Season… Election Data, Demographics and Political News

An important election is coming up on Nov 4 2008 in the United States, and while this blog is certainly not a political blog, as there are fewer than 50 days to go before this long-anticipated event, it seems proper to have one Friday Post #17 devoted to the political “silly season“.

Much has changed about publicly-available knowledge in the past ten years with the advent of the Information Age. The media has become so much more important (and ubiquitous) than it was for previous generations of voters. Anyone with a teenager knows that in the era of instant text-messaging, far fewer secrets can be kept – because any newsworthy item will be texted within 30 seconds to friends scattered far and wide. Many grown-ups are just as connected to their Blackberries…

I decided to collect some alternative information sources for those interested in following the progress of the 2008 Election with a different editorial spin than the major U.S. broadcasting networks. Here they are, in the spirit of Free Speech:

  • Pollster.com for “Political Poll Trends, Charts and Analysis”

  • FiveThirtyEight provides a very lengthy list of political columnists and bloggers. Really useful.

  • Accuracy in Media (AIM) is the place to check after some prominent public persons have made well-broadcast gaffes, misstatements, had their e-mail account hacked or otherwise said (or done) some downright stupid things. For example, here’s a link from Accuracy in Media entitled Global Warming Follies. AIM also links to a sister site, Accuracy in Academia.
  • Two from Wikipedia: Definition of Opposition Research and also Electoral Dirty Tricks. I did a search for blogs representing both political parties and their various tactics but could not find any blogs devoted to Democrats Dirty Tricks. So regarding these following two blogs: Republican Dirty Tricks 2008 and GOP Dirty Tricks… if you know of any representing views on Democrats’ dirty tricks, please post them in comments and I’ll add them, in fairness to both parties.


  • Finally: Electoral Vote.com offers up a striking and colorful map portraying each U.S. state’s current lean toward particular candidates, see screenshot below. (Note: The map shown below was recorded on Sept 3 2008 and isn’t current):

Photo/Image Credit: http://www.electoral-vote.com/ – All rights reserved – Copyright 2008

And folks, no matter whether you are of the Republican and Democrat persuasion, please exercise your civic right to Vote on Election Day – Tuesday, Nov 4 2008.


One response to “The Friday Post #17: Our Political Silly Season… Election Data, Demographics and Political News

  1. creaky15 October 9, 2008 at 2:05 PM

    Here’s another good site for all those Election 2008 “Goofs” from New York Magazine: Electopedia at: http://nymag.com/news/politics/2008/electopedia/


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