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News, Public Health, STDs: An Annual Report Card about Sexual Health on American Campuses

Prevention of sexually-transmitted illnesses (STIs) or unwanted pregnancy is a concern for sexually active people worldwide. The concerns of American college students have been surveyed critically for the past three years by an American manufacturer of condoms, the Trojan Company. In 2008, student heath clinics and services at 139 academic institutions in the U.S. were examined, along with anectdotal surveys of college students. Categories or questions posed on the 2008 survey are shown below.

Entitled “The Trojan Sexual Health Report Card: An Annual Ranking of Sexual Health Resources at American Colleges & Universities“, this six-page report released Sept 30 2008 is available at: http://www.trojancondoms.com/assets/pdfs/2008_SHRC.pdf

On page four, a list of criteria by which academic institutions and their student health clinics were judged is shown:

The Trojan® Sexual Health Report Card is an annual ranking of colleges and universities representing each state and major athletic conference, measuring the availability of sexual health resources and information to their students. In the third year of the report card, independent research firm Sperling’s BestPlaces expanded its methodology by collecting student anecdotes on access to sexual health services.

Student health centers were also graded [in 2008] on health services across thirteen separate categories versus eleven categories in 2007:

1. Student opinion of health center
2. Hours of Operation
3. Allow drop-ins, require appointments
4. Separate sexual awareness program
5. Contraceptives, free or at cost
6. Condoms, free or at cost
7. HIV testing (on/off campus, at cost)
8. STD testing (on/off campus, at cost)
9. Anonymous advice via email / column
10. Lecture / outreach programs
11. Student peer groups
12. Sexual assault programs
13. Website usability, functionality

Text source/credit: http://www.trojancondoms.com/assets/pdfs/2008_SHRC.pdf

Stanford University obtained the Number 1 ranking in the 2008 survey. University of Connecticut moved up in rankings significantly in 2008 – into the Number 6 spot. (UConn in 2007 was ranked at No. 87.) Ranked last on the Trojan 2008 list, at #139, was DePaul University. This survey was reported in the local UConn newspaper, The Daily Campus, on Oct 20 2008.


Also related: U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention provides a variety of public-awareness resources, here are two examples: Sexually Transmitted Diseases Information page and STD Awareness – Brochures for Patients (in English and Spanish language).

The non-profit group, Advocates for Youth, publishes many training and teaching materials for health professionals, and also The Librarian’s Guide to Sex Education Resources. Nice!


One response to “News, Public Health, STDs: An Annual Report Card about Sexual Health on American Campuses

  1. creaky15 October 21, 2008 at 3:33 PM

    WebMD posted an article on 10-20-08 about sending E-Cards to notify a previous sexual partner of exposure to STDs, at: http://www.webmd.com/sex/news/20081020/e-cards-notify-sex-partners-about-stds


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