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Scholarly Communications, Web 2.0: Gaming, Ethics and Classics

Any parent who is raising a Millenium child probably has one or more large cardboard boxes in their garage, filled with still-serviceable but outdated computer gaming equipment, software and controllers… does this ring a bell with anyone out there? My youngest child is a veteran gamer and has gone through generations of GameBoys, PlayStation, Pokemon characters, HabboHotel and is currently hooked on XBox (and FaceBook). It’s my sincere hope that these devices wear out (or break) before he leaves for college because expecting him to simply lose interest in them doesn’t seem likely.

Young people of this age and cohort – our so-called Digital Natives – shun paper journals, paper exams, paper anything in favor of getting all the information that they need to go about daily life (or daily learning in medical school) delivered digitally (via their laptops for the most part).

When the Nov 17 2008 edition of Wired Campus news site from the Chronicle of Higher Education showed up in my email, I read with interest a brief article describing the current work of Roger Travis, a professor of classics at University of Connecticut. One of his projects is the “Video Games and Human Values Initiative“.

You can read the Chronicle article at this link.

Dr. Travis recently announced that registration has begun for a online short course entitled “Living Epic Short Course“, scheduled to begin on Dec 29 2008. This virtual course is offered at no cost, to anyone. Below is a screenshot describing the class:


Image Credit: University of Connecticut – Copyright 2008 – All rights reserved


Related information about this very 21st Century area of inquiry:

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