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News, Hospitals, Managed Care: Warnings on Hospital & Health Care Systems Profitability – AHA

In a recently issued report, the American Hospital Association (AHA) warns that U.S. hospitals, which employ 5 million people nationwide, could be facing uncertain times as their financial health falters and ability to borrow funds for improving facilities and updating technology is squeezed. The report is based on survey results from 736 hospitals and information from DATABANK, a web-based reporting system used in 30 states to track key hospital trends.

Source: American Hospital Association – All rights reserved – Copyright 2008


A press report dated Nov 19 2008 by the American Hospital Association announces a new survey of American hospitals painting a gloomy outlook for profitability, as the overall negative economic climate begins to affect consumers’ ability to seek – or pay for – health care.  Survey data reflects a moderate to significant decline in patients seeking elective procedures, drops in overall hospital admissions and an increase in demand for uncompensated care.  Here is a link to the press release.

Related information about American hospitals can be downloaded and viewed (at no cost) from the 2008 AHA Chartbook: Trends Affecting Hospitals and Health Systems (full-text links) at: http://www.aha.org/aha/research-and-trends/chartbook/index.html


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