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Instruction, Teaching & Learning in Medicine: WeBSurg

Four surgeons from Strasbourg, France got together to create WeBSurg which describes itself as “the largest collection of educational programs in laparoscopic surgery“.

Here is an excerpt from their About page:

WeBSurg is a virtual surgical university, accessible from anywhere in the world through the Internet. The WebSurg concept was launched by Professor Jacques Marescaux and his team at the European Institute of TeleSurgery (EITS) in Strasbourg, France. Our goal is to provide the surgical community, scientific societies, medical teaching centers and industries with the first, worldwide, online training in surgery, information on the latest surgical breakthroughs and the possibility to chat with surgeons and experts from all over the world.”

WeBSurg is currently available in English, Japanese, traditional Chinese, Spanish and French languages.  Access to the site is free and open to anyone.

The easiest way to navigate this large site is to search by organ system or clinical specialty in order to grab lists of the videos, podcasts, CME and training/simulations on the WebSurg site.  A good place to start is:  http://www.websurg.com/search/index.php which takes you to the screenshot (shown below):



Image/Source Credit:  WebSurg.org – All rights reserved – Copyright 2009


For a less serious approach to laparoscopy, check out the tutorial on Virtual Knee Surgery from Edheads at http://www.edheads.org/activities/knee/index.htm and http://www.edheads.org/activities/knee/knee2/index.htm (media player required).

2 responses to “Instruction, Teaching & Learning in Medicine: WeBSurg

  1. rafael gomez November 10, 2009 at 8:58 PM

    me parece una pagina superinteresante, me entere en el dia de hoy que existia, soy residente de cirugia de tercer año en la universidad metropolitana de barranquilla colombia, quisiera obtener informacion actualizada relacionada con la cirugia general, y el nuevo booom de la laparoscopia.

  2. Ask A Doctor January 20, 2010 at 10:33 PM

    Thanks for providing this website. It has very good videos on laproscopic surgeries, which I have been searching for a while now. This will greatly help all wannabe surgeons for learning laproscopic procedures..

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