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The Friday Post #26: Blogs List Updates, Sushi, A Song for Anesthesiologists

Here’s the Friday Post #26 for Feb 6 2009.  After updating the format of this page recently, it seemed like a good idea to update the Blogs I Like list.  Following are some of the recent additions. Blogs written by physicians, medical students or medical librarians:

  • Unprotected Text is a blog written by a second year medical student in the UK.
  • A Dutch medical librarian writes about medical literature and Web 2.0 on Laiki’s MedLibLog.
  • Written collectively by a group of doctors, Medical Humanities describes itself as a “conversation about the intersection between medicine and the arts”.
  • A fourth year medical students’ blog: The Chronicles of Mayhem who writes a series, “So Let Me Get This Straight…”?  Funny and cruel.
  • Access Surgery is an excellent (subscription) database, but their Access Surgery Blog is available for to anyone.  Their purpose is to “provide a forum for surgical residents and practicing surgeons to debate and share information on the latest advances in the field“.
  • A group of internal medicine physicians from New York University collectively write a blog entitled Clinical Correlations.

These blogs are non-medicine related:

  • Neave.com. If you’re a visual learner you’ll enjoy Paul Neave’s site…. example: Planetarium.


Finally, the exams are finished for a while. Here’s a song for Friday – The Anesthesiologists Hymn“:


2 responses to “The Friday Post #26: Blogs List Updates, Sushi, A Song for Anesthesiologists

  1. Ask A Doctor September 30, 2009 at 8:36 AM

    I am definitely going to pass this video to my anesthetists friends. By the way good list.

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