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The Friday Post #27: Shakespearean Insults, Online Mistakes, Unlucky Friday the 13th

Tradition has it that bad things might happen on Friday the 13th. So here’s the Friday (the 13th) Post #27 for Feb 13 2009:

  • Find a variety of unusual Old English insults on the website Shakespearean Insulter, where all quotes are taken from the collected works of William Shakespeare, such as: ” Thou warped rude-growing jolt-head!” or “Were I like thee I’d throw away myself.”  Thanks for the link, Kham!
  • Friday the 13th decisions result in cautionary tales. A list about bad behavior online fr0m Switched relates this example from “Most Embarassing Online Mishaps“.  A bank intern called to say he wouldn’t be in to work that day due to a “family emergency”.  As it happened, he went to a party that day… and (dumbly) posted the photos of his party-attire on Facebook, where his boss saw them.  Yeah, so which one of us have never clicked the “Send” key by mistake?
  • Did you know that there are over a dozen movies in the Friday the 13th series… and another one was released this week? Are you embarrassed to admit you’ve seen most of them? Eeek!  If you’re a cheesy horror movie fan, it is always difficult choosing between Jason and Freddy.  Anyway, here’s a feature article about a group of movie stars who acted in previous “Friday the 13th” films – from the New York Daily Post (Feb 13 2009).


And that’s the Friday the 13th Post!  Take care and stay safe over a long weekend.


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