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Instructional Technologies, Teaching & Learning in Medicine, Web 2.0: Oncology, LibGuides and Delicious

Librarians at Lyman Maynard Stowe Library purchased a subscription to a course management system called LibGuides in August 2008.  It has proven to be a good investment.  Each of the librarians or instructors on the system can share – although we are geographically distant – in building on each others’ work, much like sharing of bookmark collections is enabled by Delicious.com.

LibGuides is an easy (user-friendly) system to learn.  Reference librarians here are using it exclusively for all their online course syllabi. We have now gone officially  “paperless” – no more piles of handouts for instructional sessions!  If you’d like to view individual UCHC Libguides, click here.

Access to individual subject pages is open to both subscribers and non-subscribers for the system; anyone in the world can search and view a LibGuide subject page provided that the author(s) of that guide have elected to make the page “public”.  According to Springshare, the owner of LibGuides, there are now 5oo libraries which subscribe.

This month I’ve been working on a LibGuide for 2nd year year medical and dental students who recently began a new segment in their curriculum called Human Mechanisms of Disease-Oncology and it is (finally) complete.

The page is a collection of oncology/cancer information resources, e-textbooks, clinical guidelines, atlases, cancer genetics, National Cancer Institute or American Cancer Society, cancer trials registry info, etc. (Link is here). There’s also a set of bookmarks on Delicious (called “Onc2009“) which I gathered to complement what is on the LibGuide and includes information for patients.

Earlier this week, while scanning through recently updated pages on LibGuides, I found a page on Pathology & Laboratory Medicine written by a health science librarian from Dana Medical Library at the University of Vermont.  Her page gave me links to several oncology textbooks to add to my Oncology list – because both institutions have subscription access to books via R2Library. In order words, our shared resources I might have missed adding these clinical textbooks to my page but because of Web 2.0 and sharing of information, I was able to see what other medical librarians have done thus making shared content that much more thorough and inclusive.  (Thank you, Ms. Delwich!).

P.S.  If you have comments or suggestions about other Oncology resources for clinicians to add to the pages, I would enjoy your feedback.


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