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News, Teaching and Learning in Medicine and Dentistry: An Upgrade for MedEdPortal


.MedEdPORTAL is an open-access archive of 1,300 educational or clinical training materials voluntarily submitted by medical or dental faculty from around the world, sponsored and produced by the Association of American Medical Colleges and American Dental Education Association.  Here is the AAMC description of the site:

MedEdPORTAL is a free online publication service…  designed to promote educational collaboration by facilitating the open exchange of teaching resources such as clinical tutorials, virtual patients, simulation cases, tutorials, lab guides, videos, podcasts, assessment tools, etc.  While MedEdPORTAL’s primary audiences include health educators and learners around the globe, it is open and available for free to the general public. Users can access quality, peer-reviewed teaching material and assessment tools in both the basic and clinical sciences in medicine and in oral health “.

Source: http://services.aamc.org/30/mededportal/servlet/segment/mededportal/information/

An upgrade to the content and searchability of the page was announced on Apr 7 2009 by AAMC, and the name is now MedEdPORTAL 2.0.


This is an important archive of peer-reviewed teaching and training tools for students, residents (and librarians).  The architecture of the site has been made more functional, with the addition of subject/content links like this one:


.Another way to search the site is to Browse by Discipline or Hot Topics in Medicine or Dentistry.

An example of featured content, added Mar 4 2009 by a faculty in Emergency Medicine from University of Minnesota, is entitled “Stab to Neck” (two screenshots from this video/tutorial):




Source Credit:  All images courtesy of http://www.aacm.org/medportal – All rights reserved – Copyright 2009


I like this site – it is created by physiciansfor physicians (and students) in all disciplines.   The brainpower and clinical experience of many are shared on MedEdPORTAL.

AAMC and ADEA have created a fine, free example of the power of cooperative resource-sharing distributed on an open-access platform.  It should be on your list of teaching-and-training bookmarks.


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