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The Friday Post #33: Online Journalism, Cartoons and the Prison Bus

Sorry for the considerable absence of blogging lately – it’s the end of the academic year and things have been piling up.

Here’s the Friday Post #33 for May 29, 2009.  And if it doesn’t stop raining every day here in Connecticut (and soon), more than a few of us are going to start to yell and scream!


Part literary magazine/part interesting blog written by students from Northwestern University, here is an excerpt from a recent article on NorthbyNorthwestern, commenting on the precarious state of the current economy:

It comes as a huge surprise, then, that in the single most severe financial plunge since the Great Depression we, myself included, are more familiar with Facebook’s layout changes than with the principal events that truly affect our lives. It might not seem to matter to us just yet, but there will come a time when our own ignorance is going to bite us in the ass….

From “Stop Talking about the Recession and Start Understanding It” by Maura Brannigan (published on May 4 2009)


Read Meet the Millenials on FLYP, a very stylish way to read news online.


Another timely comic from xkcd:


Image Credit: http://xkcd.com/181/ – All rights reserved – Copyright 2009


Is it hard to believe that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles turned 25 this year!?  Woot.


Finally, here’s two photos of the prison bus heading to UConn Health Center, in the rain:




Photos by Creaky (and Verizon)


That’s the Friday Post for May 29 2009, folks.

Let’s hope for a sunny day – Have a great weekend!

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