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The Friday Post #34: Computers as Art, Vernal Pools and Salamanders

Medical student and artist Satre Stuelke creates illustrations using radiological techniques, such as this image of a Mac iBook.

It’s so pretty!

Photo-Source Credit: http://satre.itrnet.com/radiology_art/html/about.htm –  All rights reserved – Copyright 2009


My computer at work has been way, way out of service lately.

More postings to follow after it is feeling better!


And in the interim: It’s been raining practically every day in the Northeast. We are actually becoming grateful for 4 or 5 minutes of sunshine daily! One day last week I drove into my driveway and saw a spotted salamander clinging to the house. They like to play dead when you hold them, but after five minutes they slide away into the brush after your attention has waned.

This spring (in New England) has been excellent weather to observe vernal pool dwellers up close (like this site).  It has also a great year for those who photograph mushrooms!


That’s the Friday Post for Jun 19 2009!  Stay dry, folks!


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