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News, Medicine 2.0, Current Awareness: The debut of Clinical Reader


.Photo credit: http://www.clinicalreader.com – All rights reserved – Copyright 2009

Clinical Reader, introduced Jun 29 2009 in beta, is getting a lot of buzz* on Twitter, blogs and librarian discussion lists.  Thanks to librarians posting about it on Medlib-L listserv and to Berci for blogging about it.

Following is an excerpt from their About page:

Clinical Reader was brought to life in 2009 by a junior doctor and a small group of forward thinking young tech programmers spread across London and Toronto. The conceptualized idea was to manage clinical information overload and deliver relevant news from an authoritative source on a daily basis.… it is truly quality collection of accessible clinical, scientific and health literature aiming to filter the river of information presented to the online medical community.”


I noticed that the creators of the site have constructed it using sets of criteria which include journal performance indicators; two of the criteria for inclusion in the site are shown in this screenshot of their FAQ page:


Photo credit: http://www.clinicalreader.com – All rights reserved – Copyright 2009


There are currently about 3,000 readers who subscribe to the Clinical Reader newsletter.  Anyone can use the site, at no cost.

This is a rich and multi-layered site targeted at medical and dental clinicians.  It can be used to read daily health news, journal scans, searching links for training or educational videos, clinically-oriented podcasts and medical specialties. Site content is divided in three sections: News (links to UK-oriented news), Sections and Multimedia.

Below is a screenshot from Virtual Reality Training for Surgeons (8 minute video), featured this week:

ClinicalReaderVirtualRealityTrainingforSurgeonsScreenshotVideo credit:  http://tinyurl.com/n7c4lu


There is a page for medical students, medical education and dentisty/oral surgery (among many others).

And links to Del.icio.us, Connotea, Digg and (of course) Twitter.  Finally: a hand-picked list of fourteen Medical Blogs is included, which features a Canadian librarian-blogger, Dean Giustini and Scienceroll blogger, Bertalan Mesko ~ woot for that!


Photo credit: http://www.clinicalreader.com – All rights reserved – Copyright 2009

Best wishes to the creators of Clinical Reader.com, who have rolled out a working website designed to meet the information needs of physicians, by physicians. I look forward to watching this site develop over time.


* Edit: On July 15, after reading posts from other medical librarians (see EagleDawg blog and Steve Lawson (both dated Jul 13 2009), and other discussions who collectively remind administrators at Clinical Reader to proceed with caution in regard to commercial and copyright laws, to intellectual and graphical property, I think I’m going to retract what I wrote on Jul 9 2009 (above).

And ask Clinical Reader folks to take a look at the Creative Commons site at http://creativecommons.org/ and the doctrine of fair use.

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