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News, Scientific Literature, Visualization: Cell Press and Elsevier introduce Article of the Future

STM publishers Cell Press and Elsevier ratcheted up the technological ante this month with their announcement on Monday, Jul 20 2009, of a shared project called Article of the Future, which they are funding to provide:

“… an on-going collaboration with the scientific community to redefine how the scientific article is presented online. The project’s goal is to take full advantage of online capabilities, allowing readers individualized entry points and routes through the content, while using the latest advances in visualization techniques“.

Text source: http://beta.cell.com – All rights reserved – Copyright 2009


Currently available are two “prototypical” articles which the companies have put up in order to solicit feedback about the page and suggestions from the worldwide scientific community about useability and function.

Here’s one nice feature of the demo: “Integrated audio and video [will] let authors present the context of their article via an interview or video presentation and allow animations to be displayed more effectively”.

Below is a screenshot showing visualizations of tables from article Prototype #2, entitled “Identification of Positionally Distinct Astrocyte Subtypes whose Identities Are Specified by a Homeodomain Code” by Christian Hochstim, Benjamin Deneen, Agnes Lukaszewicz, Qiao Zhou and David J. Anderson.

This article was published originally published in the journal Cell (Vol. 133, issue 2 – May 2 2008, p 510-522).

CellPressElesevierJuly 2009collaborationExample

Image Source: http://beta.cell.com/hochstim/inc/hochstim_article.pdf – All rights reserved – Copyright 2009

Visitors to the Article of the Future page are encouraged to provide direct (anonymous) input about the site using a 10-item online survey.

Thanks to AD for telling me about this.

P.S. This news release was first read on Twitter – Cell Press News around 1oopm today – http://twitter.com/CellPressNews – but the funny thing is, neither of the companies have posted a press release on their official websites yet (as of 3:15pm EST – Jul 20 2009).

Note: Chronicle of Higher Education also wrote about this venture – see entry dated July 20, 2009 at this link.

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