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Influenza, Public Health, Preventive Medicine: Vote today for your favorite Flu PSA

Did you know that the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services has its own site on YouTube.com?

You betcha!

Go to http://www.youtube.com/USGOVHHS


Image Source: http://www.flu.gov/psa/psacontest1.html – All rights reserved – Copyright 2009

Tips for preventing the spread of influenza – by systematic hand-washing, for example, or using an antiseptic hand cleanser – is the core message of a series of humor-with-a-purpose videos currently being promoted by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services for their 2009 Flu Prevention PSA Contest which concludes today, Wednesday Sept 16 2009.

Please watch the short videos and then vote for your favorite Fight the Flu video.


Today, Dr. John D. Clarkes’ Flu Rap won my vote


The HHS agency, in a joint effort with producers of Sesame Street, also has developed this fall a series of flu-prevention public service announcements for young children featuring Elmo:


Image Source/Credit:  Sesame Street & YouTube – All rights reserved – Copyright 2009


And finally (getting way off topic): Am I the only one confused by the Public Service Announcement acronym?

Prostate Specific Antigen, for example, is likely the first thing a clinician or medical librarian thinks of when seeing PSA.

However, a recent search on Google for “PSA” shows how a myriad of different interpretations. Following  – among many available processes, agencies, ideas, associations or manufacturing methods – is a short and eclectic list about PSAs, including players of squash, the science of chickens, professional skaters, political science honor students, trainers of dogs, scuba diving enthusiasts, sociologists, philosophers, protein sequencing tools, a society for Polish actuarians, the science behind sticky tape and a lot of other stuff:

Because really, only a nerdy librarian would search for that type of stuff, anyway!


One response to “Influenza, Public Health, Preventive Medicine: Vote today for your favorite Flu PSA

  1. creaky September 23, 2009 at 7:51 AM

    Update: Sept 23 2009
    Dr. Clarke won the contest for best flu prevention video!

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