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The Friday Post #37: A Cartoon, Visualize your Persona and a Favorite Med Student Video

A timely cartoon from PhDcomics.com called “Brain on a Stick


Source/Credit: http://www.phdcomics.com/comics/archive.php?comicid=1126 – All rights reserved – Copyright 2009


Next: Professors may see you as a brain on a stick, but how does the Internet see you?

Personas, a specialized data-mining/visualization software program from designers at MIT, attempts to answer that question by scouring the web to collect groups of information on specific named person and then builds it into a graphical “fabric” constructed of the parts of that person’s online presence.

How does it work? Following is an excerpt from the Personas About page:

It is fascinating to watch Personas work to build this collection of an individual’s online presence.  It takes a few minutes.  The timeline is beautifully-rendered.

However, having said that it’s beautiful to watch it work, I ask you to consider how the technology should alert one’s “caution” button.   Meaning, lend some consideration about the depth of pertinent as well as random facts that Google and other search engines have collected about “you” over the years.  If that information available in public domains about “you” is incorrect, or God forbid, you share the identical name with a notorius or criminal person, what recourse would “you” have to delete or rewrite that data?  There is a long, long trail of information connected to “you”… one tool to evaluate that information is Personas.

Here’s a small question: How is the name of the site pronounced — as personas or Person As?


Next: a Favorite Medical Student Video

Yes, I have posted about this before, but I enjoy seeing it from time to time.   Bravo to a group of medical students (Class of 2010) from the University of Alberta who filmed Diagnosis Wenckebach:


And that’s the Friday Post for Sept 18, 2009, folks. Enjoy your weekend!


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