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The Friday Post #44: Cephalopods, Coconuts, Cold Iguanas, Pinched

This is the first Friday Post #44 for 2010

Anyone who reads this blog might recall that I’m fond of cephalopods. Why? They’re smart (if not huggable), beautiful in their alien-marine type of way, their skin reflects their emotional states and there is still so much for humans to discover about their wily Octopus behaviors.  So, this Friday Post celebrates the Cephalopod class of Molluska.


Octopus Adopts a Significant Other (in this case, a coconut)

Video Credit/Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/museumvictoria – All rights reserved – Copyright 2010


and who knew Octopus could moon-walk?!

Video Credit/Source: http://youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tteigkXaj6k – All rights reserved – Copyright 2010


An online library exhibit found on the Marine Biological Laboratory – Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute website features the exquisite anatomical illustrations of 19th Century German scientist, Rudolph Leuckart (1822-1890), who was considered the “Father of Parasitology” and a very influential zoologist in his era.

This virtual exhibit shows many of Dr. Leuckart’s beautiful, classic color illustrations; the chart below features a Cephalopod:


Image credit: http://www.mblwhoilibrary.org/exhibits/leuckart/wall_charts.html – All rights reserved – Copyright 2010


Watch where you walk

Although I have a number of relatives who live in Florida (where the license plates read “the Sunshine State“), none of them ever mentioned  kamikaze lizards, a species that has been severely affected by this week’s prolonged severe cold weather in the South. (News story from JustNews.com – WPLG Channel 10, Broward County, Florida). And these guys are big and green!

This could be the stuff of nightmares for some people.


Writings about this American Recession

In regards to money (or lack thereof), there is an interesting series of writings on Salon.com entitled Pinched.  A recent post by Ken Ilgunas (Dec 6 2009) relates his experience of living in a used 1994 van in order to afford to attend graduate school at Duke University.  He lives without running water, and with no certain address, but he is debt-free.  Worth reading, and especially for his discussion on the benefits and drawbacks of living simply.


That’s the Friday Post #44 for Jan 8 2010.

Enjoy your weekend!

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