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News, Blogs: 2nd Call for submitting to Medlib’s Round Blog Carnival – June 2010

This blog is hosting the June 2010 edition of Medlib’s Round Blog Carnival.

Please join this forum to share your stories about the work and value provided by health science librarians or medical library collections, especially from those involved in teaching or training others to use biomedical literature.

Who should submit to the Medlib’s Round? Health Science bloggers from around the world.

What are the main ideas?

Reference Questions (or People) I Won’t Forget.   Librarians: Please share some positive “memorable” encounters that took place in a public service/reference desk setting, over your career.

Health Science Libraries or Librarians: How Have We Helped You ? Clinicians, researchers,  pharmacists, graduate students, nurses: If your clinical or educational work as a scientist or care-provider has been positively enhanced by working with a librarian or librarian-instructors in health science library settings, please share your stories with us.

Is there a deadline to submit an entry? Yes – please write your article, post it to your blog and send it to BlogCarnival.com no later than Tuesday, June 8th.

How do I submit an article? Copy the URL of your blog post, then go to BlogCarnival.com and paste the URL into their online form.  (See screenshot below).  BlogCarnival will  manage it from there.

Image/Photo Credit: http://blogcarnival.com/ – All rights reserved – Copyright 2010


Questions? Send an email message to ebmblog@gmail.com

Thank you!

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