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The Friday Post #51: Oranges, Octopuses and a Librarian Action Figure

This is the Friday Post #51 for Jul 9 2010.

In the Northeast, it’s been a scorcher of a week with record-breaking high temperatures. The sports world this week stood transfixed by the media spectacle of LeBron James and a FIFA World Cup final scheduled between Spain and the Netherlands for Sunday.  Neither of these countries have ever reached the finals before.

Anyone who reads this blogs knows that I admire wily cephalopods.  Enter Paul the Psychic Octopus, a  handsome German mollusk with mightily predictive powers when it comes to calling winners.  He correctly predicted the outcome of all six World Cup matches for the German team.

Paul, hatched from an egg at Oberhausen Sea Life Aquarium, is shown in the video below pondering his choice earlier in the week as to the winner of the 2010 World Cup semi-final. His selection? Spain to win over Germany (correct!) for which he received a tasty mussel as a reward.   Watch him in action:

Video Credit: YouTube.com – All rights reserved – copyright 2010


German fans were irate over that loss… and quite upset with Paul. There were even death threats against the cephalopod. Recipes for calamari were suggested. This all shows very poor taste and that the German fans are quite thin-skinned, I think.

Leave the poor guy alone – he has nine brains (one in his head, one in each of eight tentacles) for heavens’ sake and probably doesn’t even watch television. At any rate, he hasn’t been wrong in two years. He even has his own Facebook page.

Link here to a New York Times article (published at 8:05 am today) as Paul picks Spain as the winner on Sunday.

Dutch fans, meanwhile, can take heart from watching Mani the parakeet predicting that their team will prevail on Sunday afternoon.  Stay tuned to watch the final outcome! 


Do you like sushi?

The Annoying Orange discovers Wasabi

Video Credit: YouTube.com – All rights reserved – copyright 2010


Finally:  Every library needs their own Librarian Action Doll!

Homely in appearance, it shushes… and wears sensible shoes

Image Credit:  McPhee.com – http://www.mcphee.com/laf/ – All rights reserved – Copyright 2010


And that’s the Friday Post #51 for Jul 9 2010.  Enjoy your weekend, folks!


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