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The Friday Post #54: Job Categories and A Garden Scene

Here’s the Friday Post #54 for Feb 25 2011.

A recent opinion piece published in the online edition of the Wall Street Journal (Feb 17 2011), posed the question: “Is Your Job an Endangered Species“?  Author Andy Kessler describes a world in which whole classes of jobs become defunct due to advances in technology.

I do admire his novel classifications on what workers in the 21st century will be called: slimers, sloppers, thieves, super-sloppers and – mais oui!sponges.  Ha ha.  According to Mr. Kessler, even physicians and lawyers will not be immune to these job eliminations.   He also manages to give a poke at librarians, but then doesn’t tell us what “category” such librarians fall into…  Funny reading.


It has been a long, difficult winter with significant snowfall throughout much of the United States.  Those regions that didn’t get socked by multiple record-breaking winter storms got hit by flooding and other weather disruptions.  When will Spring come and give us all some badly-needed relief!?

The image below was taken in Feb 2011 in Mexico, by a friend who attended a wedding there. Isn’t it beautiful?

Spring arrives on Mar 20, 2011

Image: Courtesy of J. Miglus – All rights reserved – Copyright 2011

And that’s the Friday Post #54 for Feb 25, 2011 folks.  Enjoy your weekend!



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