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The Friday Post #46: That old Cardiac Rythmn, Medical Fiction and Jude Law

This is the Friday Post #46 for Feb 5 2010.  Let’s consider matters of the human heart because St. Valentine’s Day will be here soon, and because this is National Wear Red Day, a public service campaign aimed toward women which promotes awareness of cardiovascular health and fitness, sponsored by the American Heart Association.

Systole/Diastole Song

…. Ha ha ~  It’s a bit repetitious

Video Source/Credit: YouTube.com – All rights reserved – Copyright 2010


The Mad Professor does the ECG Dance

What a way to learn Normal Sinus Rhythm!

Video Source/Credit: YouTube.com – All rights reserved – Copyright 2010

My goodness, don’t his arms get tired?


Finally:  It’s no secret that this blogger needs some good strong coffee in the morning in order to get moving, wake up and be productive.  It snowed on Wednesday morning here in the Northeast, making for an ugly, accident-ridden commute.  Getting to work a bit late, and getting a cup of French Roast, I sat down to my computer to check my email and the latest medical news online.

Then I checked my blog statistics, which linked to an item on the Health Blog from Wall Street Journal, which led me to a news item on Digg advertising something called “The Union“.

(Disclaimer:  This is about medical fiction, Hollywood style, folks!)

Image Source: http://Digg.com – All rights reserved – Copyright 2010

It gets weirder: The link opens a website named UnionCares.com, a glossy page with sincere video testimonials, lush graphics and a catalog of high-tech mechanical human organs for sale, at high-cost and extreme profit to the ruthless company that created them.  And payment plans.

The fictional items “for sale” look like they were manufactured by the same industrial designers who created the Terminator.

Image Credit: http://www.theunioncares.com/ – All rights reserved – Copyright 2010


This site gave me a nasty shock… did I miss hearing about something really big having to do with trends in transplantation?!  Was this a French Roast-coffee-deprivation thing clouding my reasoning abilities at 930am?

Thank God they’re not real.  The whole site is a promotion for a film (whew) due to be released in March 2010, called Repo Men.

This is not the same movie as the classic 1984 film, Repo Man, or the 2008 musical.  And Jude Law is in this film… !

However, seeing that artificial liver left me feeling a bit sick… so I finished the coffee, skipped the donut.


That’s the Friday Post #46 for Feb 5 2010, folks.  Have a great weekend and good luck on exams next week!