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The Friday Post #42: Fact Generator, Opt Out Village and She’s a Gunner

Here’s The Friday Post #44 for Nov 20 2009.

Found on Mental Floss.com, take a look at The Amazing Fact Generator:

Image Credit: http://www.mentalfloss.com/amazingfactgenerator/ – All rights reserved – Copyright 2009


Have you heard about Google’s Opt-Out Privacy Feature?

Image Credit: Courtesy of The Onion at http://bit.ly/39R9Nn – All rights reserved – Copyright 2009

Watch this video by staff from The Onion as they explain what will happen to those few humans who choose to live in the Google Opt-Out Village. It’s not a pretty place.


The Med School Gunner Song

They’re awesome!

Medical students from the University of Arizona (Class of 2012) made this funny video as part of the orientation for the incoming Class of 2013.  Wow – the library stacks have a starring role, too.  Bravo, ladies!


That’s the Friday Post #42, folks.  Good luck on the upcoming exam!